Open water 1-2-1s, Sale Water Park

For adults who can swim and want help achieving their open water goals

Whether you’re looking to try open swimming for the first time, or a seasoned swimmer, we can help you with our open water 1-2-1s!


As more and more Swimming Matters clients decided to dip their toe into open water swimming, these sessions developed as a natural progression of our service.

The sessions are at Sale Water Park – which is a beautiful lake. Once you’re out on the water you almost forget that you’re in Greater Manchester!

The set-up of the lake is perfect for 1-2-1 coaching. As well as a number of courses to test your fitness and skills on, there is a standing-depth area which means we can work on skills and technique whilst you’re in your depth.

Depending on your goals, our coaches can work from the lakeside, in the water with you, or out on the water in a kayak.

We have helped swimmers with:

  •       building confidence in open water
  •       working on any open water worries/anxieties
  •       adapting stroke technique (breaststroke, front crawl or butterfly) to optimise swimming in a wetsuit
  •       preparing for triathlon and open water events
  •       discovering the joys of swimming outdoors!

If  you have any other open water ‘Swimming Matters’ please get in touch!

As these sessions are bespoke, please contact us for further details of availability and prices.