Open water Swim Squads, Sale Water Park

Like our pool based squads only with less chlorine and added wildlife

1st October Update: As the evenings draw in, we’ve headed back indoors to the pool where it is a little warmer. You might be interested in our Swim Smooth Squads. These work on: fitness, front crawl technique, open water skills and pace awareness.

From 1st June, our swim squads are also outside at Sale Water Park!

We believe that that there is nothing quite like training for open water swimming than getting out there and doing it!

Following Swim Smooth’s concept of the 3 keys, there are 3 key areas to improving your swimming:

  • front crawl technique
  • fitness
  • open water skills

If you can improve 1% in each area, not only does this make you a better prepared swimmer, but this adds up to 3% improvement overall! It is easier to make 1% gain in each area than 3% in one. We realise that fitting in training with other commitments is a fine balancing act and we believe it’s all about training smarter.

We know from experience of watching swimmers, that the importance of working on open water skills is something that is often over looked.

As with our pool sessions our open water squad sessions will:

  • give you the benefits of swimming in a squad e.g. the camaraderie, the added motivational boost of training buddies, and a session that gets you thinking differently about your swimming.
  • challenge your fitness over a variety of intervals and distances
  • prepare you psychologically – as they will take you those places you experience in a race so you can learn how to manage come race day.

Plus the sessions also will:

  •  work on open water technique e.g. adapting your stroke in a wetsuit, open water skills such as turning, and working on your tactics for the race.
  • have the added bonuses of fresh water, wildlife and the unpredictability of the elements. These challenges will also be there on race day, so it’s good practice to swim in a variety of conditions.

From Thursday 1st June we will offer two weekly squad sessions: Thursday 7-8pm and Sundays 3-4pm.

Pre-requisites: you must be able to swim at least 400m front crawl comfortably in open water

As these are new sessions, when you sign up you will be asked to sign up to:

  •      4 x Thursday session pass (2 month expiry date): £32
  •      4 x Sunday session pass (2 month expiry date): £32
  •      6 x Thursday and Sundays session pass (3 month expiry date): £48
  •      Single sessions are also available (£9)

This is so we know which days people would like to come and we can start to establish the training groups.

We operate a PAYG BLUK (Pay As You Go But Let Us Know) system. This means you sign up for a day (ie Thursday) and then opt out of sessions if you can’t make them.  If you opt out with more than 24 hours notice, you don’t lose a credit, but if you opt out after 24 hours notice you lose a credit.

Please note, due to these sessions being outside, sometimes there are certain events that are out of our control, such as the weather. Your safety is of the upmost importance to us. Quite simply, if it’s not safe, we will not run a session. We will be there in most weathers. Examples of things that will stop us are thunder, lightning or if the wind speed is too fast. In these circumstances we won’t take a credit for the session.


Existing Squad Members:

Here you can add credits to your account, and opt in and out of your sessions.  Or download the MINDBODY app to do it on the go.