What we do:

Open water swimming

We are excited to have partnered up with Open Swim UK and are able to offer open water 1-2-1s, skills workshops and open water squad sessions between May and September.

It’s an ideal partnership as we all share a common passion for helping people discover the joys of swimming outdoors. Whether that be for enjoyment, fitness or for faster open water races and triathlons. Ideal for first timers or seasoned athletes looking for that extra edge over their competitors.

Our 1-2-1s are tailored to you and if you have an open water goal, we can help! Popular topics covered are:

  • Helping you with first time worries
  • Boosting your confidence in your skills and abilities
  • Tuning up your open water skills, such as sighting and turning
  • Helping you get the most from your technique by offering stroke adaptions for when you’re in a wetsuit
  • How to put on a wetsuit correctly
  • Developing acclimatisation strategies
  • Helping with race strategies
  • How to help with dealing with the cold
  • Any others open water queries you might have

“I’m a keen triathlete and find that open water swimming is the hardest element of the triathlon. I was looking for some tips to help me with this. I really enjoyed my session with Lucy. It helped me to boost my confidence in my skills and the difference putting on a wetsuit correctly made the whole experience more enjoyable!- Ben”

“I only learnt to swim a few years ago (I was initially terrified to put my face in) and I’d only been swimming for 6 months when I did the Great Manchester Swim. I’ve done a few more open water swims since then, but I am still nervous about the deep water. I really enjoyed the session even though I was nervous. Lucy helped put me at ease in the water. It was helpful to have the standing depth water at Sale to allow me to try out sighting and drills as I would have been preoccupied with the depths and not been able to focus on the techniques. It was also good to go over technique in the classroom first too so it was not overwhelming once in the water – Emily”