The world’s most inspirational swimmer?

Lucy Lloyd-Roach swimspiration

This week we’re taking a break from writing a blog as the last month or so we’ve been hard at work writing our sleep series. Never fear though, we’ll still be bring you a dose of inspiration to start your week!

When you mention best ever swimmers, Michael Phelps is probably the name that everyone will mention and without a doubt he is the most successful athlete of all time 22 Olympic medals (looking to add more to that tally this summer), but we think there is a swimmer who should be up there with him for her amazing achievements. That is none other than Jane Asher.

You’ve probably never heard of her, but she is a phenomenal swimmer and an inspiration! She is 84 years old and still going strong! She has broken 100 WORLD records. She will be adding more to her world record tally this year as she’s ‘aging up’ a category. She has 35 potential records to get and hopes to get 32 of them!  We wish her the best of luck and will look forward to watching her this year.

To read more about her, please follow the link to a brilliant feature with her from the Telegraph: