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Coaches Lucy, Llyr, Carolyn and Karen at Salford Watersports Centre
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The easiest way to contact us is via the form below because if we are on poolside we will be unable to answer any phone calls.

It may also help us reply to your enquiry more quickly as it means we can reply outside of traditional office hours without disturbing you.

We aim to reply individually to everyone who gets in touch.

Please note:
  • Our spam filters appear to have become more sensitive. We regularly check our spam folder to make sure that we haven’t missed anyone, but we don’t check this as often as our inbox, so if you’ve accidentally ended up in there, there maybe a delay in our response to you.
  • Likewise, we’ve had reports of when we reply that we end up in their spam folder, so if you haven’t received a reply after a week, please check in there, and if we’re not in there please contact us to see what has happened.

Or you can text or call the office on 0777 278 2884