How we can support your ‘Swimming Matters…’

For adults who want to ‘think differently’ about their swimming

Classic 1-2-1s

Our Bespoke 1-2-1s are tailored to you and your aims. Suitable for ALL abilities, from those learning to float to those competing regularly be this in the pool, open water or multi-sport events.

Prerequisites: None

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These are small group sessions for adults who wish to improve their front crawl. They are suitable for swimmers who are unable to swim front crawl up to those who are building up to 400m continuously on front crawl.

Prerequisites: Must be able to swim 50m comfortably on any stroke

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Open water swimming- available between May and September

We are excited to work with the team at Salford Watersports Centre to offer open water coaching.

The set-up at Salford Watersports Centre is great for coaching. As well as a number of courses (300m and 500m) to test your fitness and skills on, there is a dedicated coaching area (approximately swimming pool sized).

Through our 1-2-1 and group open water swimming sessions, we cater for a range of abilities and experience from those new to open water to seasoned open water swimmers and triathletes.

Prerequisites: Must be able to swim at least 200m continuously on any stroke(s)

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Swim Smooth 1-2-1 video analysis and stroke correction

Over the course of 75 minutes we’ll show you what you need to improve with your front crawl and how to do it. We’ll then get you back in the pool and go through it with you.

Prerequisites: Minimum swimming standard is 200m continuous front crawl

Non-front crawl video analysis available on request.

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Bringing a little bit of the Perth-magic to Manchester. These are our pool based swim squads. They have a front crawl and open water focus. Ideal for multi-sport athletes, fitness and open water swimmers.

We have a range of swimmers in the squad from those new to squad swimming up to elite swimmers. Current range of swim times for 400m is 5 mins to 10 mins.

Prerequisites: Minimum swimming standard is 400m comfortably on front crawl.

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