Swim Smooth video analysis and stroke correction , Wright Robinson College

Bringing the World famous Swim Smooth Video analysis and stroke correction session to Manchester

Do you feel like you’re missing part of the picture with your swimming?

Swimming is completely different to a land-based activity, as the way the water supports us means our senses may not fully perceive what our body is doing.

When we’re swimming we are:

  • lying face down, which is different from our usual upright position, which alters our balance.
  •   in a different medium to air which affects our kinesthetic feedback. Plus the water has different properties to air e.g. pushing backwards sends us forwards
  •   there is limited opportunity for visual feedback e.g.  if we go to the gym, there are mirrors to help us correct technique, and in most other sports we can see what we’re doing!

These and other factors mean that quite often our perception of what we think we’re doing is different to what we are actually doing.

Our video analysis and stroke correction sessions can help you. We are continually amazed at the difference these sessions make to a swimmer! It’s hard to put a number on it, but we reckon it’s worth a few hours of traditional 1-2-1s in just one session.

What to expect:

This session is over 75 minutes and includes video analysis and stroke correction

  1. We film you over 150-200m from 4 angles (so no place to hide!). Approx 5 mins.
  2.  We then go through the footage with you. We use footage of elite swimmers to show you what we’re aiming for, and we talk you through the drills that are going to help you improve your technique. Approx 20-25 mins.
  3. We then spend about 25-30 mins in the pool going through the drills so that you know what they feel like for when you put it into practice by yourself.
  4. You then receive a copy of the raw footage, the analysis and we also give you 45 days complimentary access to the amazing Swim Smooth Coaching platform. It is an incredible resource. It contains videos of drills and elites, and adjustable training plans. For more information follow this link

Session times:

During the open water season, these are at Wright Robinson College on Saturday afternoons 1pm-2.15pm 


These are £120

How to book:

You can book online from your browser or via our app – download on the App Store or get it on Google Play. 

Update on availablity (as of 1/6/24: We have just released the next set of dates up until the end of August 24. For dates in September, please get in touch.

FAQs with booking:

Trouble booking in?  Please watch the video below

No date showing? Then we are currently fully booked. To be kept up to date with future availablity please sign up here ⬇️

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