Front crawl technique sessions, Wright Robinson College

Small group sessions for adults who can already swim 50m (any stroke) up to those who are building up to 400m front crawl.

Do you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions?

  • You swim comfortably on breaststroke, but you’re puzzled as to why you struggle to swim a length of front crawl?
  • You consider yourself a fit person, but you’re shattered after swimming a length?
  • You want to swim a triathlon, yet your front crawl isn’t quite as good as you remember?
  • You’ve worked on your front crawl by yourself only to reach a plateau?

Whatever the reason, if improving your front crawl matters to you, then these sessions will help.  

During the sessions we will cover front crawl technique (including: exhalation, bilateral breathing and stroke mechanics) via a progressive series of drills.

As the group size is small (max. 8 swimmers) and has a Level 2 qualified coach working with you, each swimmer can progress at their own pace and receive individual stroke correction.

We have 4 different ability groups to help you get the most from your sessions with us.


Mondays 6:30-7pm and 7-7:30pm at Wright Robinson College

Thursdays 8-8:30pm

This is for swimmers that can swim a minimum of 2 lengths any stroke confidently out of their depth and are building up to swimming 50m of front crawl. This might be no front crawl, 10m front crawl or just short of 50m.

Maximum of 4 swimmers per session


Thursdays 7:15-8pm at Wright Robinson College

This is for swimmers who can swim 50m continuous front crawl and are building up to 200m  of continuous front crawl.

It progresses on  from our freestyle 50 group.

Maximum 4 swimmers per group

Freestyle 400

Thursdays 6.30-7.15pm at Wright Robinson College

This is for swimmers that are building up to 400m of continuous front crawl. This session is a mixture of fitness and technique work.

Once achieved, this leads into our Wednesday mini-squad session (see below) or one of our  squad sessions at Wright Robinson College (Tuesday and Thursday evenings).

Maximum 8 swimmers per session


Thursdays 6:30-7:15 pm

This is for swimmers that are comfortable swimming 400m of continuous front crawl. These sessions are similar to the ones our squad completes at Wright Robinson College. They are ideal for swimmers:

  • new to swimming training
  • worry they might not be fast enough for our squad sessions at Wright Robinson
  • that would like a little more individual attention than our squad sessions

Maximum of 8 swimmers per session


These sessions are bookable per block and is dependent on how many sessions in the current block.

e.g. if there are 4 sessions in the block it is £40 or 6 sessions would be £60

Please note as the sessions are booked in blocks, no credits will be given if you’re unable to make a session.

Update on availablity (24/5/22): We are just reconfirming with our current swimmers and then if we have any spaces we will offer them to the mailing list.

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