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We asked our swimmers about their goals forĀ 2019

“I plan to be able to swim front crawl by the Summer when I go to Italy. I would like to never get that butterfly feeling in my stomach when I float too high in the water.
I want to float on my back- and enjoy it!” – Caroline

“To have better and faster swimming through improving techniques, endurance, and strength” – Julia, Bev, KSC, E Shilton, and Alan

“Improving time at Mallorca 70.3 in May” – Chris A

“By the time 2017 is through, I’d love to be able to do an underwater somersault turn. But first, I need to turn my “hybrid” breast stroke into a proper one!” – Aisha

“To compete in a number of triathlons for the first time. My aim is to complete either a half or full Ironman in the next couple of years” – Bryan

“To learn to swim freestyle to be able to swim in triathlons” – Sally and Leona

“To feel comfortable in the water and swimming on my own.”

“Improving my fitness, putting my face in comfortably and actually enjoy swimming” – Sarah J

“Training for 5km swim in March and to improve technique to get faster” – Jenny

“My goal for 2018 is to complete my first sprint triathlon” Steve G, Rick

“To do the front crawl for a minimum of 10 lengths!”

“I really just want to be able to swim – properly! I need to exercise, not just for weight loss but, relaxation too. I want to feel confident that I can go to any pool and swim regularly without fear of drowning or that I’m just getting in the way/being a nuisance to other swimmers. I want to make it a regular routine for 2017 so that I can start to make some real headway in looking after myself better and becoming healthier” – Sheila

“Improving fitness, stamina and confidence in the water with a view to qualifying as a scuba divemaster” – Dawn

“Improve technique for triathlon and channel swim” – Andy

“To improve my technique and become an efficient swimmer to help me complete IRONMAN UK in July.” – Mike Pearce, Personal trainer

“My aim for 2018 is to improve my front crawl and hopefully get to a sub 30 minute time for Great North Swim” – Caron

“To learn the correct technique and improve my stamina, so that swimming for fitness is an option and I can enjoy swimming” – Susan

“Open water swim (2.5 km) – from a starting point of indoor swimming 750m”

“Relearn and improve front crawl and to improve breast and backstroke” – Mohamed

“Work on improving crawl technique and fitness; develop water skills (surface dives, dolphin kick); train for Chillswim Coniston end-to-end swim Sept 2018 (5.25 miles)” – Peter

“Find more ease and fun in swimming”