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As always, what a session!
If you didn’t make the session, where’s your 'what3words' favourite swim location? Share below 👇🏻 

This week we were joined by Ash Jones, who continued his series of talks on how to swim safely in open water.  I was amazed by the work he put into it. I learned so much from it. Thanks Ash!🙏🏻

The theme this week was your favourite swim spot using @what3words the app that the BBC describes as ‘the app that could save your life’. If you’ve not heard of it before, the developers have divided the world into 57 trillion 3m squares and given them a unique combination of 3 words. Handy for letting friends know where you are, but of even more importance for giving the emergency services an exact location of where you are if you don’t know.

Some of the word combinations are quite funny as you can see... 'yoga.assumes.fakes' (the pontoon at @salfordwsc ) 🙈 and we had a nice smooth link from Nick with humans.smooth.loved (we also love other @swimsmooth swim types)

You can search online here:

Or head over to the app store or google play to download it

CONGRATULATIONS to Judy, Simon and Stephen for the sparkly 25th hats!

Thank you everyone - we'll see you next week 👋🏻
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What a virtual session we had last night! 
Last night’s theme was motivational word(s) ... adding a much needed bit of midweek motivation 😁

Our guest swimmer was Ash Jones, Swim England Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Manager.

It was a fascinating presentation on how to stay safe and keep others safe in open water. 

We had Kevin getting his 30th virtual squad hat and Jude getting her 5th Squad hat – congratulations guys!

Thank you to everyone for a great session – We’ll look forward to next week!

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Last night we had our first virtual squad of 2021!

Due to various technical hitches, we (coach Lucy) missed the photo from last night (it was a great one too), so instead here’s a round up of each of our lovely virtual squad guests from 2020. Thank you wry much to each of you for joining us, we took so much away from these sessions and they have meant so much 🙏🏻

Seamus Bennett, Ice mile swimmer and founder Felixstowe Swimscapes
Stephen Milne, World Champion and Olympic Silver medallist	
Alec Johnson, from starting to swim in his 40s to Masters World Champion	
Coach AM, Olympian and Mental performance and Leadership coach
Stu Moore, from not training as a child to Double Masters Champion
Dr Heather Massey, Cold water expert
Darren Ward, former Welsh international, current head goal keeping coach at Sheffield United
Coach Lucy
Vikki Hubbard, former international high jumper and world canicross competitor 
Colleen Blair, extreme swimmer
Joe Skipper, IM champion
Ella Hughes from accidental OW swimmer to Channel swimmer in 3 years
Chris Cook, Double Commonwealth Champion and Olympian
Bex Rimmington, 2018 Zwift Tri academy member
Hannah Miley, Triple Olympian
Scott Milne, one of the youngest ever officials at the Paralympic games
Coach Lex
Paul Newsome and Adam Young from Swim Smooth
Coach Caz
Mel Hayes, World Age Group Duathlon Champion, Kona Finisher, Coach
Kate Offord, BTF NW virtual coach of the year
Joana Calado, double Paralympian 
Susie Rodgers MBE, Paralympic gold medallist
Matt Williams, part of the Peak to Pond club (Everest and the English Channel). 
Steve Evans, extreme and ultra athlete. 
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Well, it’s been an unimaginable and indescribable year! Despite it’s challenges, we’ve focussed on what we can do and here’s our top 8 (we like thinking differently) based on likes. It’s a top 8+1 as we couldn’t summarise our year and leave the virtual squads off – they’ve been one of the highlights of our year. 

To the teams at @salfordwsc, @wrightrobinsonleisure, @bannatynequayst and to our swimmers be it open water, pool or virtual. Thank you for making this year! 🥂

1️⃣ A virtual Hi 5 from Bram (our new SM team member) to the HHWC team for getting us up and swimming at HHWC
2️⃣ Coaches Lucy and Caz swimming together as Caz paces Lucy during training for her English Channel Medley relay with @bigrickswimteam 
3️⃣ Lucy preparing to dive in! 
4️⃣ The announcement that we were back and able to coach at HHWC
5️⃣ No need for a virtual squad selfie – here was our first session back in the pool in 6 months!
6️⃣ A bee-utiful swim with coach Lucy and the squad in the Bee swimwear
7️⃣ Corkscrew turns – our technique post on corkscrew turns
8️⃣ The sun setting on the 2020 ow season with coaches Caz and Lucy
➕1️⃣ Our first virtual squad session (currently on 30) – who’d have thought we’d have been doing these this time last year?
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Great @swimsmooth 1-2-1 video analysis and stroke correction session on Saturday with @itsjasonmccartney! Thank you for your energy and hard work. We’re looking forward to hearing how 2021 goes 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻Posted @withregram • @itsjasonmccartney Great day yesterday with Lucy from @swimmingmattersuk doing a Swim Smooth video analysis session on my swim stroke!!

Really stoked with the session! I was genuinely surprised at my body position in the water. For the most part it actually looked really good!

Using the video footage Lucy was able to highlight and show me a couple of key areas for improvement. Then I got back in the pool and practiced some drills to correct them. With a few tweaks I'm confident I'll find the extra speed I'm looking for!

Despite it being a challenging year to swim consistently, I've improved so much! Watch out #ironmanUK, I'm coming for ya!

#improvement #swimbikerun #triathlete
It was our 30th Virtual squad session last night and what a way to celebrate and finish off the year with our Festive session!

The session featured @100pointchallenge’s ‘A Christmas Puzzle’ and it was great fun – definitely check it out if you’re looking for a team virtual Christmas challenge!

‘Wine Swimmers’ were the Champions in 28 minutes, closely followed by the ‘Ever Presents’ a minute later at 29 minutes and ‘Zoom at the Inn’ just sneaking under the 40 minute time cut off at 39 minutes! 

Congratulations to the following swimmers for their virtual hats:

30th to Carolyn, Mick, Nick and Roy.

20th to Dan

Thank you to everyone who has made our virtual, pool @wrightrobinsonleisure and open water squads @salfordwsc so great this year! See you for some more squad action in 2021! 
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It was our 29th virtual squad session last night! This week's guest athlete was Ultra and extreme athlete, Steve Evans.

Steve shared with us his sporting background. He played Rugby, and was frequently found on Mountain Bike Trials. Then around his 30s he discovered that he couldn't get away with intermittent exercise anymore and joined a running club. They got him into triathlon. By the end of his first season, he'd completed an iron distance event!

He shared with us his journey towards ultra and extreme events and his motivation for selecting events. Interestingly he said part of his motivation is that he select events that will challenge his weaknesses! We talked through some of his events so far:
Alpe D Huez triathlon
Challenge Barcelona (iron distance )
Ironman wales three times
triathlon x 
Celtman ( Blue Shirt finisher i.e. the harder route)
the Double Brutal ( double Ironman, as if the Brutal tri isn't hard enough already. )
The Heb ( multi day adventure race across the Hebridien chain )

Motivational books: Hell and Highwater by Sean Conway and Eat and run by Scott Jurek

He also recommended "Ar Gefn y Ddraig  Riding The Dragon" It's in Welsh (with English subtitles) and it's about his next challenge - The Dragon's back. It's available on Amazon Prime and there are a few other documentaries on there about it.
Congratulations to Jean and Joanna for their 25th virtual squad session hats!

Thank you to everyone for making it a great session!
 #dryswimming #triathlon #openwaterswimming #swimming #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #instaswim #swimsmoothmanchester #swimsmooth #instatri #salfordquays #salford #mediacityuk #manchester #manchesteruk #swimtraining #triathlontraining #swimbikerun #trilife
Looking for a Christmas gift for the open water swimmer or watersports fan in your life. Check this out from @salfordwsc 👇🏻Posted @withregram • @salfordwsc Christmas is here, and now is the time to treat our loved ones to something they will love!

We’ve decided that 2021 is going to be the year to try something new, so why not purchase one of our gift vouchers to gift this Christmas!

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