What we do:


series 4 photos: Overhead fly swimmer, side on backstroke, overhead breaststroke and side on front crawl

Our fitness swimmers have:

  • Gone from being able to just about swimming/surviving a length to completing swims for triathlons or open water swims.
  • Learned how to breathe on front crawl
  • Improved their fitness and stamina
  • Learned how to swim better (and faster) by improving their technique (Butterfly/Backstroke/Breaststroke/Front crawl)
  • Improved their fitness and technique swim for career related fitness tests such as lifeguard exams, armed forces tests and cabin crew.
  • Improved their swimming so they feel confident to take part in water-based activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, free diving and white water rafting.
  • Completed personal fitness challenges such as the Aspire challenge, swimathon 5k swims, and the Great Swim Series, and triathlons

As you can see, our fitness section covers a wide range of possible goals. Depending on your aims you might be interested in:

What our fitness swimmers say:

🏊🏿‍♂️ “I’ve seen a massive improvement in all my strokes. I had learned bad habits, but with Swimming Matters’ help I’ve been slowly but surely replacing these with the proper form. Swimming Matters are a great organisation to learn with. The instructors are both knowledgeable and passionate about swimming and more importantly know how to convey that knowledge. I highly recommend learning with Swimming Matters.” – Mohamed

🏊🏿‍♀️ “Before the lessons I never really incorporated it into my exercise routine but now I try to swim at least once a week as part of my fitness training.  I’ve also found that it is a great way to tone my arms and legs without adding bulk, as well as being a good thing to do to keep my fitness up after an injury, or when I can’t face a run on a hot day. If someone is looking to improve their swimming I would advise them to give you a call even if they just did a couple of sessions they would come away feeling more confident.” – Rachael

🏊🏽‍♀️ “If you have any fears, or believe that you will never be able to swim but want to then I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with Lucy, I can not believe what I’ve managed to achieve with her support. The lessons involve a lot more than just being told how to swim.” – Caron

🏊🏽‍♂️ “I needed to learn how to do front crawl properly for my first triathlon…I could swim but breaststroke was all that I could do.  I did think swimming lessons were just for people who couldn’t swim at all but on reflection if you want to improve your gym sessions you get a personal trainer so why not get a swimming instructor to improve your swimming.”

🏊🏻‍♂️ “I always thought that my swimming was ok but it was limited to the breast stroke. I never believed I would be able to do the front crawl. Back in January 2011 I couldn’t even complete a length of a 20m pool on front crawl. After a while we realised this was partly psychological and were able to work on this as well as the swimming techniques. I now view front crawl as my preferred stroke and in July 2013 I completed the Great Manchester Swim – all front crawl – in a time of 35 minutes! Talk about a sense of achievement!”

🏊🏻‍♀️ “I was taught how to swim by my family and I had a few lessons at school. As I got older I’ve been swimming less and I found that I’d forgotten what to do.  I’d always thought swimming lessons are aimed at kids or competitive swimmers, and I happy when I came across Swimming Matters. I just wanted someone to point me in the right direction again so that I could swim to keep fit.”