What we do:


3 photos representing Swim Smooth 3 keys: Technique (video analysis), fitness (front crawl) and open water (swimmer)

We also cater for those who are already have a high level of skill and who want to make refinements to their technique and build on their fitness. Be that for faster triathlons, 70.3, Ironman triathlons, open water swims, or even the English Channel.

We have trained people who:

  • Have swum the Channel either solo or in a relay
  • Regularly take part in open water swims
  • Have swum  a 10k event
  • Who race regularly in race triathlons
  • Have competed at World Age Group Triathlon championships

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What our performance swimmers say:

🏊🏻‍♀️ “I love swimming and being in the water. I took the lessons to help me train for a 5k swim. The lessons make me enjoy it more by helping to stave off the boredom of pool swimming by giving me different things to think about. I thought I’d probably only have a few and then leave it but I’ve enjoyed them and continue to get something out of it so have carried on going. Do it, sign up. There’s always something to improve on and they’re great value for money.” – Jenny

🏊🏽‍♂️ “I am an experienced swimmer, I have competed at the World Age Group triathlon championships. I believe that it doesn’t matter if you have been swimming for years; you can still improve. My aims for this season are to improve my technique for my triathlons and for my Channel relay swim. My coach has good observational skills and her corrective techniques have helped me to feel stronger and more efficient in the pool. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season.” – Andy 

🏊🏽‍♂️ “I started having sessions to improve my technique and become an efficient swimmer to help me complete IRONMAN UK.  Before my lessons, I always found it hard to motivate myself to train in the pool. I was dreading the swim at IRONMAN UK. Now I am more confident and enjoy swimming!! I wish is started them earlier!! My coach helps me understand what I need to improve and how that will help my swimming. Every session is different and varied to help me progress. I didn’t realise how important the technique aspect of swimming was, now my stroke is much more efficient. Without the lessons I would still be struggling and don’t think I would be able to do what I can do now. If you want to learn the correct way to swim in a friendly 1-1 way this is the best option. The sessions don’t just stop in the pool; my instructor has helped me with designing a swim programme and always believed in me even when I doubted myself!” – Mike Pearce, Personal trainer and Ironman 2014 finisher.